Airswimmers, the ultimate remote controlled gadget!

Air Swimmers

The most amazing remote-controlled product ever made! Fly the Giant Sized Shark around your house or work place and see people's reactions! Simple to fly the RC controller enables you to make the Shark move left, right, and forward with ease. Incredibly manoeuvrable the fish is able to turn in very small spaces, so can easily swim around your house or office. A crash is no problem. Unlike other flying RC products the Shark just bounces off walls and other objects without damage.

Shark and Clownfish (Nemo)

You can control these awesome Air Swimmers using the remote control, watch as the Air Swimmers Shark and Air Swimmers Clownfish glide effortlessly through the sky. You can see where they get their name as they literally “swim” through the air in such a serene manner it really is quite beautiful to watch. In fact, the swimming motion bears an uncanny resemblance to their water-borne counterparts, it seems so effortless and serene, all you have to do is point them in the right direction and watch those Air Swimmers swim high in the air! Air Swimmers are almost ready to fly straight out of the pack, all you need to do is get hold of some helium. You can either pay a visit to a nearby flower or party shop or buy a helium canister that you can re-use to fill your Air Swimmers fish.

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Air Swimmers are the ultimate gadgets, for kids and for adults!

You can buy Air Swimmers at (The Netherlands and Belgium) or look at for a list of retailers

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